Connect Two Controllers to FS One#

These steps let two pilots fly, each with their own USB controller. They assume that you’ve already set up single-pilot flying with Joystick Gremlin (“JG”) as usual.

Make a Second Virtual Joystick#

  • In vJoyConf, at top left, click on the gray 2 . It turns green.

  • Set up this second joystick just like the first, except:

  • Set Number of Buttons to 1.

Note: This button will be unused. It is needed only because if both joysticks have zero buttons, JG aborts with “Indistinguishable vJoy devices present. vJoy devices have to differ in the number of (at least one of) axes, buttons, or hats in order to work properly with Joystick Gremlin.” (If you try to add a POV hat switch instead of a button, vJoy will incorrectly forget about that switch if you tab away from joystick 2 and back again.)

vJoyConf configuring two joysticks.

Make Joystick Gremlin Read the Second Controller#

When connecting the second controller’s buttons and axes to vJoy, this time, connect them to
vJoy Device 2 .

At each step “Inside Remap, inside Remap,” change the upper dropdown from vJoy Device 1 to
vJoy Device 2 .

Joystick Gremlin mapping a second controller (

Joystick Gremlin mapping two USB controllers to two virtual joysticks

Note: instead of manually connecting all these buttons and axes, you may instead start from a shortcut.

  • Save the file xmls/twopilot.xml to your computer.

  • From JG’s menu, choose File -> Load Profile and choose that file.

  • Adjust as needed to suit your own two controllers.

Use the Second Controller in FS One#

At the screen Two Pilot Freestyle, when you choose the interface vJoy Device , for Two Pilot Mode choose Unit 2 .

Choosing the second vJoy device instead of the first.