12. Recordings Selection#

This page mainly describes using recordings while you are flying. To instead simply watch recordings, see the chapter: Recordings. To see an example of that in action, go here.

FS One lets you create recordings, select them for playback while you fly, and delete them. FS One also includes 160 pre-installed recordings that are used for Flight Training, demo flights, and aerotowing. Full details are covered in the Recordings chapter.

Image of sample screen shot with recordings.

For now, only the recordings selection pane is covered. Click in the Recordings pane, and then you can add recorded flights to playback during your flight session. Choose up to 8 recordings. An example is shown below with 4 selections.


Fly Screen showing 4 recordings selections to playback while flying.#

At startup, all 4 recordings are playing along with the 33% scale Spitfire (middle) that is being flown by the pilot with the recordings. Two screen shots are shown below.


Screen shot showing the 4 recordings selections playing back while flying.#


Screen shot showing the view from the Texan along with the Flight Recorder Playback Tool.#

The camera view can be focused on the pilot’s airplane or switched to any of the recorded airplanes. Details of switching the camera view (look-from and look-to points) are described in the Camera Views chapter.