22. Single Pilot Bomb Drop#

This is a game where you score points by hitting targets with bombs (large firecracker!) or bottle rockets on your aircraft.

To reach this window, from Single Pilot Games click on Bomb Drop.

Image of the bomb drop game.

22.1. Bomb Drop Settings#

  • Click to select either Bombs, Rockets, or both.

  • Then click to select Unlimited or Limited ammunition. If the latter, type in how many Reloads to allow.

  • Click on the dropdown Target Type to change the aerial/ground target design (see below).

Target Type

Target Design


target1 Circle, red bullseye


target2 Circle, white bullseye, red X


target3 Clown face

22.2. Bomb Drop Fly Screen#

  • Click on Play Game to advance to the Fly Screen for the bomb drop game as shown below.

  • Select your aircraft, flying site, etc. The game layout is only setup for certain flying sites, so the flying site list has been pruned to only include the allowable sites.

  • Select your take off method.

  • Click Fly.

Image of the bomb drop fly screen.

22.3. Firing and Scoring#

While flying, you can fire either bombs or bottle rockets (not both at once). The top left corner of the screen shows which one you’ve selected. The controls are:

  • Press the Left Ctrl key to launch a bomb or bottle rocket.

  • Press the Left Alt key to toggle between bombs and bottle rockets,

Scoring details are:

  • Hits closer to the bullseye scores more points.

  • Shots from further away score more points.

  • Targets that are harder to hit score more points.

  • After many hits with scoring points, a target will be destroyed (disappear). When it is destroyed, that adds an extra 10,000 points to your score.

  • Your aircraft and the position of the targets are shown in the Map Overlay ( M ).

Image of the bomb drop screen shot.

Image of the bomb drop second screen shot.


Flights in this game cannot be recorded and recorded flights cannot be loaded.