13. Save/Load Flight#

These commands let you save and then reload favorite flight configurations. You can save as many configurations as you like.

These commands are on the Freestyle or Towplane/Sailplane Fly Screens. On those windows, at left click on Save Flight or Load Flight.

The saved selections are:

13.1. Save#

To save a configuration that can be reloaded:

  • At left, click on Save Flight.

  • Type the filename to save this configuration.

  • Click on Save.

Image of saving a flight

13.2. Load#

To reload a previously saved configuration:

  • At left, click on Load Flight.

  • Click on a filename.

  • Click on Load.

13.3. Delete#

To delete a configuration:

  • At left, click on Load Flight or Save Flight.

  • Click on the configuration filename.

  • Click on Delete.


Using Save Flight is a way to effectively get back an aircraft selection along with a custom transmitter selection. In other words, when you use Load Flight the transmitter is not auto-selected. It is taken from the Save Flight information (list above).