28. Two Pilot Towplane/Sailplane#

This Fly Screen lets you make selections for aerotowing with two pilots - one flying the towplane and the other the sailplane (or generally any aircraft). Much of the description here is similar to the Single Pilot Towplane/Sailplane chapter.

To reach this window, click on Towplane/Sailplane from the Main Menu under the Two Pilot section.

Image of the Fly Screen: Two Pilot Towplane/Sailplane

Fly Screen: Two Pilot Towplane/Sailplane#

28.1. Aerotowing Setup#

The first step is to click on Towplane/Sailplane from the Main Menu under the Two Pilot section. Then, per below, a popup appears. Click on who will fly the towplane.

While both airplanes have the towline attached, the towplane will have the towline attached on the fuselage top just behind the canopy area. The airplane being towed will have the towline attached to the nose.

Every airplane in FS One has unique attachment points for: towing, being towed, and hi-start launch (towhook position).

Image of the selection for sailplane or towplane

If Pilot 1 is the towplane, then the selections go like this:

  • To change the towplane, click on Aircraft 1 or its picture.

  • To change the airplane being towed (e.g. a sailplane), click on Aircraft 2 or its picture.

  • As normal, let the transmitters be auto-selected when you select the Aircraft 1 and Aircraft 2 airplanes.

  • The interface is normally different for each pilot, but you can select the same interface for both airplanes (fly them with the same controller). To try that, select the same interface and then also “Unit 1” for the second pilot controller.

  • In Options | Towlines, for best results, select a towline that is rated for the lighter of the two aircraft.

  • If you start and immediately there is no towline visible, the math “blew up.” Check your towline selection in Options | Towlines.

  • If you like, change the Flying Site, Sun/Sky, or Wind.

  • To split the screen, at bottom right, Screen Settings, click on Use Split Screen.

  • To change between horizontal and vertical split screen, click at top on Options where you can make your Split Screen Format selection (see Options | Video).

28.2. Flying#

  • Click Fly (see below for screen shot).

  • After towing aloft, to disconnect the towline from the Sailplane, press Shift Insert . The shift key is used because the sailplane is Pilot 2 and requires the shift modifier key for keyboard control.

  • Normally, disconnecting the line for the towplane is not done, but you can do it. To disconnect the towline from the Towplane, press Insert .

  • To reset the aircraft, press Spacebar for the Towplane / Aircraft 1 (Pilot 1), and press Shift Spacebar for Sailplane / Aircraft 2 (Pilot 2).

  • To end the session, press Esc as usual.

  • All of the widgets and tools will only apply to Pilot 1.

Image of the two pilot aerotowing flight session

28.3. Camera Views#

For Pilot 1, use the function keys as normal. To change the camera for the second pilot, hold Shift for Pilot 2 Control. While holding the Shift key, use the camera keys F1 through F12 . The shift key makes any key apply to the second pilot in two-pilot mode.