10. Sun/Sky Selection#

This window lets you select a panoramic photo-realistic skyscape to use with 3D flying sites. There are around 40 sky panos in total. These skyscapes in FSĀ One cover the range from bright sunny days to cloudy, and many inbetween. These sky panos were produced by stitching together actual sky pano photography.

To reach this window from a Fly Screen, click at right on the picture of a sky or at left click on Sun/Sky in the menu.

Image of sun sky selection window.
  • At right, scroll through the list of skies.

  • When you find a sky that you like, click on it. This shows you a larger picture at left, and a description below that.

  • To fly under this sky, at bottom left click Ok.

  • To revert to the sky you had before, at top right click on Return to Main Menu.

The All Skies dropdown at top right shows the various categories of skies, such as sun stars, sunsets, cirrus, cumulus, high sun elevation, etc.

Image of the sun-sky selection list.

Information: Skies for Panos

You cannot change the sun/sky for a panoramic flying sites because they include their own sky as part of the panorama photography. You can change the sky of 3D flying sites.