33. How to Cite FS One#

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33.1. For Software Citation#

Michael S. Selig, et al., “FS One RC Flight Simulator,” Free RC Flight Simulator Software, Release 2022b v16.2, InertiaSoft, Inc., Champaign, IL, 2022. Retrieved from https://www.fsone.com [date].

How this software is named

FS One 2022b (16.2, rev 3186):
   FS One - Base software
   FS One 2022 - Software named for release year
   FS One 2022b - Second release (b) for this year (2022)
   16 - New version number that counts from year first released (2006)
   16.2 - Second release of version 16
   rev 3186 - 3186th revision to the FS One software repository since 12/2009

33.2. For Publication Citation#

Michael S. Selig, “Real-Time Flight Simulation of Highly Maneuverable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,”
Journal of Aircraft, 2014, Volume 51, No 6, pp. 1705-1725.
Download: PDF