21. Single Pilot Pylon Racing#

This screen lets you set options for pylon racing. The goal is to fly a set number of laps around the pylons as quickly as possible.

To reach this window, from the Main Menu under Single Pilot, click on Games. Then from left, select the tab Pylon Racing which is the default selection.

Image of the main pylon racing game selection page.

21.1. Pylon Racing Settings#

The setting are:

  • Race Course: Number of pylons (2 or 3):

  • Number of Laps: Length of the race

  • Racer Separation (ft): How far apart aircraft are spaced at launch

  • Pylon Cut Penalty (sec): Time penalty for flying inside a pylon instead of around it

  • Start Delay (sec): Pre-race countdown duration (at least 3 sec)

21.2. Pylon Race Fly Screen#

  • At bottom left, click on Play Game to advance to the Fly Screen for pylon racing as shown below.

  • Select your aircraft, flying site, etc. The race course is only setup for certain flying sites, so the flying site list has been pruned to only include the allowable sites that can accomodate the layouts for your Race Course selection.

  • Only Ground Launch takeoff is allowed, so select an aircraft with landing gear.

  • Click Fly to start the race. When a race is finished, press Esc and Fly to start again.

Image of the Fly Screen: Single Pilot Pylon Racing

Fly Screen: Single Pilot Pylon Racing#

21.3. Race Scenario and Audibles#


Before the race starts, your aircraft is held in place and it faces the next pylon. During the countdown, apply full throttle so that when you are released you start flying the moment the Start Delay countdown is finished.

Map Overlay with Pylons

Press M to show the Map Overlay which will include the pylons and your ground track around them. The color of the pylons will cycle as you fly the course. The current pylon is colored green, and when you pass it successfully, it will turn magenta.

Left Turns

Each 3 pylon course is a left-turning circuit around all the pylons. With only 2 pylons, however, passing each pylon suffices, i.e. you can pass on the left or right side. In fact, you can even stay to one side of both pylons for the entire race.


When you have reached a pylon without a cut, you will hear a ding bell – signally success! If instead you cut the pylon, you will hear a buzzer.


As you start the final lap, the caller says “Final Lap.” When you finish, the caller says “Finish.”


During the race, the scoreboard shows the current course time (see below). This lets you compare how you’re doing relative to previous races. At the end of the race, it will show the final race time(s).

Padlock with 3D Sites

To automatically see the next pylon with a padlock camera:

  • Choose a 3D Flying Site (not a Pano).

  • While flying, press F9 to padlock the camera to the next pylon automatically. When you pass one pylon, the view will snap to your next pylon.

Image of the pylon racing with the ultima.

21.4. Record Your Flight for Playback#

To have your flight Recorded for playback during a race:

  • Press Enter during the countdown to start a flight recording. The red recording indicator will flash on-screen (upper right). If it is not flashing, you are not recording.

  • After the race finishes, press Enter again and type in a name for your flight.

  • When you start your next race, you can select any of your recordings and fly against those recordings during the race. The race times for your flight and those of the recordings will be displayed in the scorebox during the race.

Sharing Your Race Flights

You can also share any of your recorded flights (files) with friends running FS One. Manually copy and share the flight files from the ~/Recordings folder in the FS One installation directory.