4. Single and Two Pilot Menus#

4.1. Single Pilot Overview#

From the Main Menu, the single pilot flight options are:

The Single Pilot Freestyle page is shown below as a sample of a single pilot Fly Screen, meaning that you can start flying from this type of window. Click on the lower left Fly button to start a flight session.

Image of the Fly Screen: Single Pilot Freestyle

Fly Screen: Single Pilot Freestyle#

4.2. Two Pilot Overview#

From the Main Menu, the flight options for two pilots on the same computer with two transmitters (flying split screen or single screen) are:

The Two Pilot Freestyle page is shown below as a sample of a two pilot Fly Screen.

Image of the Fly Screen: Two Pilot Freestyle

Fly Screen: Two Pilot Freestyle#


For two pilot flying, the window can be split horizontally or vertically. To change the setting, see the Video section of Options.

4.3. Common Menu Buttons#

As seen above, both the Single Pilot and Two Pilot main menus have common buttons to make selections for your flight, such as:

  • Aircraft - Select the airplane.

  • Transmitter - Select the transmitter that you want to use, but Calibrate first and repeat calibration if you make changes to your transmitter/interface selection.

  • Flying Site - Select the 3D flying or panorama (360 pano) site.

  • Sun/Sky - Set the sky for a 3D flying site. Select from 40 sky panos.

  • Wind - Fly with no wind or select the wind conditions that you want from a list - steady, turbulent, thermals, slope winds, dynamic soaring winds, or a mixture.

  • Recordings - Add recorded flights to play back while you fly.

  • Takeoff Options - Start from ground take off, hand launch, hi-start, or winch.

You can also use the Save Flight and Load Flight to save and then reload your favorite selections for aircraft, flying site, etc.

To see the flight controls for the aircraft, click on the Flight Manual button.

General Options

From a Fly Screen (a window with the Fly button to launch a flight session), you can also click Options from the top bar to change your global preferences.