7. Aircraft Selection#

This window lets you select an aircraft as well as make a copy for edits.

Clicking on Aircraft from a Fly Screen takes you to this window below. For a Two Pilot Fly Screen then click on Aircraft 1 or Aircraft 2. Alternatively click on the picture of the aircraft to get to this Aircraft Selection window.

As shown below, you can scroll through a list of aircraft. With any selection, you see the aircraft along with its description and specifications.

When you make an aircraft selection, the corresponding transmitter will be automatically selected by default (unless you have changed this default behavior discussed in the next chapter on Transmitter Selection).

The Flight Manual button will open the manual that describes the controls, e.g. how to control flaps, gear, flight modes, mixing, or whatever may apply for the aircraft you selected.

Image of aircraft selection window.

7.1. Select an Aircraft#

At top right (above), click on the All Airplanes drop-down list to narrow down your choices to a category, such as Aerobatic/3D, Scale, Trainers, Jets, Sailplanes, etc. To see aircraft you have customized, choose the User Aircraft category or go to the All Airplanes category and scroll to the bottom to find your user-defined aircraft.

Animation of airplane selection list.

7.2. Edit an Aircraft#

Editing an aircraft makes use of the three commands below - Copy, Edit, Delete. To edit an installed stock aircraft, first copy the aircraft by giving it a new name and then edit the copy.


  • Once you have chosen an aircraft, click on Copy.

  • Type in a name.

  • Click on Ok, or press Enter .

  • Now the copy is selected and ready to edit.

  • Later, when you reselect your aircraft, it will be at the bottom of the list of aircraft.


  • Click on Edit to customize the copied aircraft.

  • You will be put into the Scaling Wizard editor window.

  • Note that you cannot edit stock (pre-installed) aircraft. You can only edit the copies that you make.


The Specifications (stock size) pane (see above) as implied does not list any edits that you make to your aircraft. You can return to the Edit window to see your changes and during a flight session with an airplane you can press the keypad / key to see a summary of the aircraft specifications.


  • Click on Delete to delete a customized aircraft that you no longer need.

  • An “are you sure” dialog will appear. To confirm, click Yes. With that aircraft deleted, you will then be returned to the default aircraft selection, which is the Alpha 40 trainer.