FS One RC Flight Simulator#

FS One 2022
Latest Release: 2022e, v17.2

Screen shot of FS One with Yak 54 on runway
  • Try FS One® – free to download and run, works with any controller, does not require Steam/login.

  • FS One is for anyone, whether you are a seasoned top-notch pilot, Sunday flier, or beginner.

  • FS One focuses on accurate aerodynamics, ground reactions, and overall physics modeling.

  • Exceptional control feel and precise accuracy.

  • Realistic dynamic manuevers - aerobatics, stalls, tip stalls, spins, ground handling, etc.

  • If you’ve tried other simulators but not FS One, you’re in for a totally new experience.

  • Continuously improved since 2003. That is 20 years in development of FS One.

  • Nearly 50 stock airplanes plus 90 variants. Over 140 airplanes in total.

  • Over 35 flying sites (3D and 360-deg pano).

  • 40 different photo-realistic skyscapes.

  • 24 major Feature categories.

  • Over 75 specialized camera views. View your flight from practically any angle and position.

  • Many instructive on-screen messages. Over 40 categories of messages.

  • Built-in lessons cover the basics from trainers to mastering prop driven 3D aerobatics.

  • Create an unlimited number of airplane variants with the FS One Scaling Wizard™.

FS One can work with practically any USB simulator controller. After your download, follow the setup instructions in the online user manual to get going. The Getting Starting Parts I and II sections is the only essential reading.

The 110-inch span Yak 54 in FS One:


  • FS One has a rich set of features, including many on-screen navigation aids. See the Features grouped into 24 major categories.

Image of on-screen widgets in FS One when flying.


  • The simulator includes power planes and sailplanes ranging from beginner-level trainers to highly advanced model aircraft that in real life cost multi-thousands dollar to own and fly. You can learn to fly them and crash them in FS for nothing but the fun of it!

  • Includes a wide range of over 140 stock airplanes and variants.

  • Airplane features include: jet propulsion, prop driven, gas/glow/electrics, moving control surfaces, ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator, spoilers, P-factor effects, landing gear and wings that flex under loads, wheels that turn, breakable parts, crash sounds, real engine sounds, smoke and exhaust effects, air-swoosh sounds, photo-realistic textures/skins, accurate models, traditional model airplanes, 3D airplanes, scale models, warbirds, foamies, trainers, and more.

  • The snapshot below shows some of the airplanes in FS One.

Image of some airplanes in FS One.

Scaling Wizard#

  • A unique feature is the FS One Scaling Wizard™. It is an physics-based airplane re-sizing method. It integrates into the flight simulator as an extension to the traditional airplane editor.

  • The Scaling Wizard can be used to resize an airplane with its physics to any size - going down to tiny micro UAV sizes up to full scale and even larger.

  • Creating new variants with the Scaling Wizard is easy and can take less than a minute.

  • Below are three variants of the Pawnee in FS One – full scale, gas powered, and electric variants. Each variant has physics that makes it feel like its true real-world counterpart.

Image of the Pawnee cropduster airplane from Scaling Wizard.

Aerodynamics and Physics#

Image of airplane and flow angles to slice of wing used in aerodynamics calculations.
  • FS One specializes in simulating +/-180 deg high angle of attack and high sideslip flight, including stalls and aerobatics such as spins, knife edge flight, inverted “harriers”, etc.

  • The data and calculations are all “under the hood”, but you feel it - pushing air - when you fly.

  • Developed and tuned based on decades of experience in RC modeling and aerospace engineering [detailed technical paper pdf].

Next Steps#

FS One requires a USB simulator controller and modest graphics support. Using an RC transmitter or RC simulator controller is highly recommended.

You can Download and install FS One on your PC under the FS One software license. While FS One is free to install and use, the simulator is not open source.

Follow the online user manual to learn how to hook up your controller. Step-by-step instructions are provided to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

When you download FS One, we hope you do support it with a donation in the amount of your choosing. FS One will continue to improve with your help.

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