2. Download#

To get FS One up and running with any general simulator controller, download and install three pieces of software. You may not need items 2 and 3, however. See blue “Note” below.

Image of three gears for the three parts of FS One.
  1. FS One 2022b: Downloads via Dropbox

  2. Joystick Gremlin (Release 13.3): https://whitemagic.github.io/JoystickGremlin/download

  3. vJoy (vJoySetup.exe, Release https://github.com/jshafer817/vJoy/releases/tag/v2.1.9.1

Only download and install the FS One iso files from trusted sources. FS One is presently only officially delivered from the Dropbox link above.

You do not need a Dropbox account to download the files.


If you use an RC transmitter with direct joystick support in addition to Rx port assignment ability (some Spektrum radios) or mixing (OpenTX), then items 2 and 3 above may not be needed. See the “Getting Started” page in the FS One User Manual and find the note called out as “Approach 4” for more details. RC transmitters with such support include the Spektrum® NX series, many OpenTX radios (e.g. on FrSky) and others.

To get started with your setup, see the FS One 2022 User Manual. A brief summary is below.


FS One requires a USB simulator controller. This can be an RC transmitter that acts directly as a joystick such as the Spektrum NX series RC transmitters and ones from FrSky and RadioMaster. It can also be a USB InterLink® simulator controller or some other. Another option is to use a USB interface that connects to the trainer port of your transmitter. The user manual steps through example setups.

Connection Methods

Joystick Gremlin and vJoy: Joystick Gremlin and vJoy feed FS One with your joystick axes in the order that FS One requires. After you finish your joystick setup, when you run FS One, you will also run Joystick Gremlin at the same time (every time). Inside FS One, the USB interface that you select will be the one named “vJoy Device”.

Your Own Transmitter: An alternative to using Joystick Gremlin + vJoy is to use the channel reassignment features in your transmitter. That maps your transmitter outputs to match the order required by FS One. This feature goes by various names on different brand transmitters. See the FS One “Getting Started” page in the user manual for more details.

FS One V1 and V2 USB interfaces: For users with an FS One V1 or V2 USB interface, you will not need to install Joystick Gremlin or vJoy. FS One 2022, though new, is backward compatible and should be familiar to you.

As with any new simulator, follow the instructions in the user manual to make your setup process go as easy as possible.


Install FS One and updates as Administrator.