6. Contact#

6.1. Official FS One Site#

6.2. Social Media and Online Sites#

I am on YouTube and Facebook. Comments are welcome there, but for technical questions email contact is better or use RCGroups (Simulators forum).

YouTube - Michael Selig / FS One News channel

Subscribe and click the bell icon for information about FS One new software updates and features/know-how:

Facebook - FS One RC Flight Simulator

For news about FS One, you can follow the page that I manage:

RCGroups - Simulators Forum

Posts are also made into the “Simulators” forum on RCGroups where I and other FS One users visit:


I use my website to share useful aerodynamics resources, including mention of FS One.

6.3. Email Contact#

All feedback is welcome. You can email me at contact@fsone.com.

I try to answer all email questions about FS One, and I do not require payment for FS One.

If you email me with a question, please include the information listed below.

Provide System Specifications (item 1 in list below) if your question relates to running FS One.

Information to include:

  1. System Specifications (see 1a/b/c below):

  2. Salutation:

  3. First Name:

  4. Last Name:

  5. Country:

  6. Your version of FS One:

  7. What transmitter/controller do you have:

  8. Number of channels on your transmitter:

  9. Number of active axes/sliders used in FS One:

  10. How long have you used FS One:

  11. Your version of Windows:

For your System Specifications, include these details:

1a. Computer
1b. Graphics card
1c. Any other information that might help

If you have a Mac, FS One runs in a Windows environment under Boot Camp and also with Parallels (virtual machine).

6.4. Report a Bug#

If you want to report a bug, email contact@fsone.com. See above list for information to include in your email to help us try to replicate the bug.

6.5. Notice#

Upon sending any email to FS One, you certify that you are at least 13 years of age and accept the terms and conditions for this site.