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FS One Solo – Legacy Downloads


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This information here is for owners of FS One Solo which was bundled with products sold by Horizon Hobby. The instructions below were copied from the original FS One Solo web documentation. No other updates for FS One Solo are available.

Note: Horizon Hobby produced and sold the original FS One Solo. Their network of hobby shops still sells Solo bundled with old stock of PTS airplanes. They are the provider of customer support for FS One Solo. Please contact Horizon Hobby for Customer Support at (800) 338-4639.

FS One Solo Patch 1.0.3

Solo Patch 1.0.3 Download

This patch should be installed to bring the simulation exe to Version 1.0.3. It can be installed over any version prior to Version 1.0.3.

After downloading the patch, simply double click on the patch file. This will launch the patch installer. Follow the directions and your FS One Solo installation will be updated to Version 1.0.3. After installing the patch and restarting the sim, you should note that the version number at the bottom of the Main Menu should indicate Version 1.0.3 (if a different version is indicated, the patch was not installed correctly).

The patch includes a readme file that is placed in the base folder of FS One Solo. This readme file (ReadMe_1_0_3.txt) lists the changes included in the patch.

FS One Solo Raptor Update

Solo F22 Update Download

Hangar 9 F22 Raptor

After downloading the Update, simply double click on the file to begin installation. Follow the directions and your FS One Solo installation will be updated with the Hangar  9 F-22 Raptor™. After installing the update and starting the sim, this new plane can be found under the Aircraft tab. Please note that you should only install this Update once as multiple downloads will place multiple copies of the F-22 Raptor in your Airplane listing. These updates require that your FS One Solo software has been updated to version 1.0.3.