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FS One V2 – 2048 Firmware Update

FS One V2 ships with 1024 resolution. To run FS One V2 with 2048 resolution, first install the latest version of FS One V2 from the downloads page. This latest version of FS One V2 is required. After updating FS One V2, then update your interface to the higher 2048 resolution using the firmware by following the steps below. “Firmware” is the software inside the USB interface. These instructions take you through the firmware update. It is easy and takes only a few minutes.

If you have already updated your interface to 2048 resolution, do not run the updater again. You can determine whether or not you have installed the 2048 firmware by going to Step 6 below.

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2048 Update Instructions

  • Step 1: Your version of FS One V2 must be version 2.0.4 or later. The latest version of FS One V2 is: 2.7.1 (build 2857).
    To download and install this latest update, click here
  • Step 2: Download and save to your desktop the USB Interface Firmware Updater. There are two versions. The first one is recommended and described further below:
    1. User interface version (recommended): FirmwareUpdaterUI-2048.exe
    2. Command line version (quickest way): FirmwareUpdaterCMD-2048.exe
  • Step 3: Shutdown FS One V2 if you are running it. Close all other applications.
  • Step 4: Disconnect your FS One V2 USB interface from your computer. (If you own FS One V1, the FS One V1 USB interface should not be connected to your computer.) Remove any adapter cable that you might have connected to the V2 interface. Do not have the transmitter connected to the V2 interface. Reconnect just FS One V2 USB interface to your computer and wait for the USB connection sound (i.e. for it to register on your system).
  • Step 5: Run the Firmware Updater program (double-click on it from the desktop). Follow the onscreen prompts (see below). When the interface is detected, click ‘Update’ and wait for the program to indicate that the update was successful. Depending on your system, the process could take a few minutes to finish.

    Image of Firmware Updater progress - start

    Image of Firmware Updater progress - midway

    Image of Firmware Updater progress - Ok

  • If the yellow LED light is flashing twice per second, the firmware installed successfully. If this is not happening, then download and run the command line version (item 2 above).

  • Step 6: After following all the steps, you can confirm the update by running the Game Controllers app from the Windows Control Panel. The new name will be “FS One v2 2048”. If you click on ‘Properties’, the sliders should move when you move the sticks on your transmitter.

    Image of Game Controllers showing FS One v2 2048 listed

  • Step 7: Start FS One V2. It will automatically show the new interface name “FS One v2 2048”. Before flying, calibrate your controller.
  • Note: If you reinstall FS One V2 from the original 2.0 DVD, you must download and install the latest FS One V2 update so that FS One “sees” the 2048-resolution interface firmware. Download the latest V2 update