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Windows Vista installation guide.

Version: V1 and V2

FS One is compatible with Vista; however, you do need to do a few things before installing:

  1. Windows Vista has several graphic intensive features built-in and turned on by default. These features can take up a lot of system resources slowing down your programs (including the installation program for FS One). To turn these features off (temporarily or permanently, it’s up to you) go to Start | Control Panel (Classic View) | Performance Information and Tools | Adjust visual effects and set your computer to “Adjust for best performance” and press OK. Doing this will turn off all of the graphic intensive display options within your computer and allow programs to run more smoothly.Note: You do not have to keep this setting permanently to run FS One, but you do need to do it during the installation or it will greatly increase your install time. If you do keep it or use the Custom setting, your computer will run better as it will have more system resources to devote to the programs it runs as opposed to the operating system.
  2. To install FS One, the UAC [(U)ser (A)ccount (C)ontrol] must be turned off. To do this, go to Start | Control Panel | User Accounts (Classic View) | Turn User Account Control [on or off] and uncheck the UAC box. Note: You must have your Control Panel set to Classic View to see the User Accounts icon. To do this press the Classic View button in the upper right hand section of the Control Panel. Also, the UAC is an attempt to restrict access to your computer for security reasons. It is your decision whether or not to use this feature, but if you do use it the UAC will restrict the functionality and usability of FS One.
  3. Install FS One.
  4. Next, install the updates from the Downloads page.
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