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Is FS One V1 “Plug and Play”?

Version: V1

  • Yes, if you purchase the version that includes the TacCon Controller. Follow the instructions listed on the short install guide.
  • Test the system by following all of the instructions outlined in the blue “FS One Install Guide”.
  • After installing and testing, be sure to install the latest FS One update.
  • For the version with the TacCon controller, after installing the sim, go to Single-Player Freestyle on the startup window, and pick a plane. The Tx icon lights up “not calibrated”, so click on it and calibrate. The calibration instructions outline exactly what to do with each stick, button, knob and switch on the TacCon controller. Do not skip a step. Go back and click the Fly button to fly. That’s as simple as it can get. To end the session hit “Esc”. These same instructions are included on the small install card/guide that comes with FS One.
  • Use the included keyboard card to see the function of the keys, or press “?” when flying to see the options available through the keyboard.
  • As an example, press the function keys (F1, F2, F3, and so on) to change the views. Press ‘F1’ for the pilot view, and then ‘A’ key when flying, and then ‘Z’ or ‘X’ to manually zoom in or out. Use the color coded keyboard card as a guide.
  • Set the three position switch on the TacCon controller to select the Flight Mode which controls dual rates, expos, and mixing.
  • FS One has more capability beyond the Plug and Play. Explore!
  • To use your own transmitter with FS One is more work. It requires some setup on the real Tx side with the channel assignments and then getting an appropriate setup on the sim side to accept those inputs.
  • FS One will work with the G2/G3 controllers out of the box without requiring any transmitter edits on FS One. As a result, using the G2/G3 controllers is Plug and Play. Using the G2/G3 controllers requires selecting that controller as a new interface (“Select Interface” button). G2/G3 – Read more.
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