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How can I “repaint” an aircraft in FS One? I want it to look just like my own airplane!

Versions: V1 and V2

  • In FS One, find the aircraft that you want to “repaint” (or “reskin”).
  • In the Aircraft Selection window, click on “Copy” to make a copy of the airplane. Give it a name, say “MyAlpha40”. Copying the plane will make a copy of the physics files that can be changed in the FS One aircraft editor. It also makes a copy of the graphics files, and this includes the original FS One photo-realistic “textures”.
  • These textures can be edited using graphics tools like Adobe Photoshop and others.
  • The copied textures under the name given for the new aircraft (“MyAlpha40” in this example) are located in the folder:

    C:\Program Files\FS One\Graphics\Aircraft\FixedWing\MyAlpha40


    C:\Program Files\FS One v2\Graphics\Aircraft\FixedWing\MyAlpha40

    For helicopters, the files will be in

    C:\Program Files\FS One\Graphics\Aircraft\RotaryWing


    C:\Program Files\FS One v2\Graphics\Aircraft\RotaryWing

  • FS One uses what’s call levels of detail (LOD). For most aircraft in FS One there are three LOD models: high, med and low. The main difference in the texture files is their size. The larger texture files are in the “high” folder, and the file format is ‘.tga’.
  • Create your own artwork or take photos of your own airplane, and copy/repaint that imagery over the “high” resolution tga files. Copy over part-for-part, i.e. copy the new wing textures over the old ones in the tga file. Sometimes it is useful to experiment by marking (e.g. typing “1”, “2”, “3”, …) on the original textures to see how the tga file maps onto the airplane.
  • Save your tga files, and click ‘fly’ again to see the result.
  • In FS One, be sure that the ‘Options | Graphics 2 | Player Aircraft Quality’ is set to “High” so that the high resolution textures are used.
  • After repainting, then save the textures to dds format in the “med” and “low” folders so that the repainted airplane will work for all graphics settings: high/med/low.
  • DDS graphics utilities for Adobe Photoshop are available from nVidia.
  • For the dds files, the format needs to be: -dxt1c -nomipmap
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