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I’d like to learn to hover 3D airplanes. How can I do hover training?

Versions: V1 and V2

  • FS One includes a hover training feature for “3D” airplanes like the Edge 540 33%, Funtana 90, etc.
  • Pick your favorite “3D” aerobatic airplane in the Aircraft Selection window, and make a copy of it using the “Copy” feature.
  • Click “Edit”, and find a parameter in the Aerodynamics section that’s called mHoverTraining_UserFac and click on it. Set the value to something like 10. It will make hovering easier – it’s a hover trainer knob! This is the best approach. It will make the airplane more stable in the hover position.
  • Another approach is to pick the 12-ft span scaled (resize) Tribute in the “Scaled: All Airplanes” category. At 12-ft span, the airplane acts like it’s in slow motion and hovering will be easier.
  • When learning to hover, put in right aileron to counter the torque from the propeller. Then think about flying the airplane straight up to a point in the sky. Keep in mind that now gravity is acting down the fuselage through the tail (vs conventional level flight). With this frame of reference in mind, learning to hover will come faster and eventually it will become natural. This learning process might take 1 month or 1 yr …
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