Too real to be a game!™ 

There is a horizontal line along the screen when I fly.

Versions: V1 and V2

  • This is called screen tearing, and it is caused by a setting on your graphics card.
  • It can be solved by changing a setting in your graphics card control panel. Whether its an NVIDIA or ATI card, go into your settings for your graphics card and turn ‘on’ vertical sync.
  • On older systems, this will slow performance.
  • Additional Info: When FS One runs, it does not automatically change your graphics card settings. With most modern graphics cards, you can customize the settings for each program when it starts up. This is done using the graphics card control panel. We recommend that with FS One, turn on vertical sync and increase anti-aliasing (8x is good, 16x is better). But weaker/older/cheaper graphics cards might have noticeably poorer performance with these higher settings.
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