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What’s the easiest way to rescale (resized) an airplane using the Scaling Wizard? (Tutorial)

Version: V1 and V2

    • FS One let’s you resize any of the original airplanes using the built-in Scaling Wizard. This outline is a condensed version of another longer description, click here.
    • Let’s use the Edge 540 as an example. Suppose you have a 40% Edge 540 model in real (like the Carden 40% Edge 540) and you want to make the original Hangar 9 Edge 540 33% sim model fly like your larger version. Although 40% is not that far away from 33%, it’s a huge difference when it comes to how the airplane looks and handles in the air.
    • Resize the airplane to match your own 40% scale version. In the Airplane Selection window, pick the airplane that you want to change, and click “Copy” to make a copy of the airplane. Then click “Edit” to get into the Aircraft Editor window. You can do a lot here, but let’s fast forward to the Scaling Wizard buttons at the bottom of the list. The first of these is the “Scaling – Size/Wgt” page. On this page in the Aircraft Size section, set the wingspan to match your own model. Optionally, the percent change can be given. In going from a 33% scale model up to a 40% scale model, the original Hangar 9 model needs to grow to 121.2% (=0.40/0.33) of its original size. So instead of giving the span, 121.2% can be entered to scale up the original model.

Image of Scaling Wizard example

  • That’s all there is to it. Click “Ok”, and go back to the fly page. Now the physics and model sized will be automatically rescaled.
  • When the sim starts after clicking “Fly”, the airplane is recognized as being scaled and it reports the following information to the window.
    Image of FS One aircraft size report at runtime
  • This information reports that the scale factor is 1.21. The wing span has been resized to be 118 inches. The weight is autoscaled to 40.06 lbs. The propeller diameter has been autoscaled to 30.3 inches. The cost of an airplane this size as compared with the original will be near 1.78 times the original.
  • The relative speed is a bit technical. It’s a measure of how many wing spans the plane flies per second as compared with the original Edge 540 33%. The value of 0.95 indicates that the airplane will appear to fly slower in flight. When *any* airplane is scaled in FS One, the relative speed is compared to this one Edge 540 33% – it’s the standard against which everything else is compared.
  • The reporting rate of the Scaling Wizard data (shown above) can be changed in the Options. The screen grab above was made using these settings.
    Image of Options | Messages page
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