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I have installed the update, but FS One reports “Updating …” and freezes.

Version: V2


The simulator has not stopped running or “freezed up”. The problem is with the graphics card. The solution is described below.

Use this patch if FS One V2 freezes after installing an update. This patch will cause FS One to start up in a small window (windowed mode), and it will reset all other options to the default. The small window will allow the ‘confirm updates’ pop-up to be seen. Click to accept the updates.


  1. Install any FS One V2 updates or new aircraft add-ons that you want.
    Do not restart FS One V2.
  2. Install this patch.
  3. Start FS One V2. The FS One window will be small.
  4. Click “Yes” to accept all updates.
  5. When complete, resize the FS One window by clicking on Options (lower right), then Video (left panel), then Auto Fullscreen (first option). Set the resolution to fit your monitor if you want to fill the screen. Do not use the offsets.
  6. Exit FS One, and restart.
  7. Recalibrate your transmitter before flying.

FS One will now run in full screen mode. The process may have to be repeated with any new FS One V2 updates that you install.

Download patch 6052:

Button for download 6052

Save this page to check on updates to this patch.

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