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Will FS One V2 work with the Hitec Aurora 9 transmitter?

Version: V2

Yes, FS One V2 supports the Hitec Aurora 9 transmitter.

  1. On your real Tx, start with a fresh model in memory that uses no Tx programming settings, no dual rates, no expo, etc. All dual rates, expos, flight modes, etc are handled by the FS One Tx settings inside the sim.
  2. Plug interface cable into the “Trainer” socket on the rear of Aurora.
  3. Switch TX On. Do NOT touch the “Transmit – “Yes” or “No” buttons on the initial screen, simply wait for a couple of seconds and the “[MULTI – I/O]” Icon will appear below the “Hitec” logo in the lower right corner of the screen.
  4. Touch “[MULTI – I/O]”, then select “[T.Pupil]”.

Note: In this mode, the TX will not transmit RF signal, so you do not need to remove the RF module.

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