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Advanced Users: I want a wide-angle field of view with autozoom. How can I change the autozoom field of view (FOV)?

Versions: V1 and V2

  • FS One uses the function keys to change cameras. Each key corresponds to a different type of camera. Examples of different types of cameras are the pilot-view cameras from the ground and the chase-view cameras that follow the airplane. Pressing the same function key repeatedly will cycle through all the cameras assigned to the particular function key.
  • When FS One starts up, the F1-key camera is used as the default. Eight different cameras can be assigned to the F1 key, and the user can set this primary camera view in the Options menu.
  • The first primary F1-key camera uses a default autozoom field of view of 32 deg. When the aircraft is close to the pilot the field of view is 32 deg. As the aircraft moves away, autozoom starts to work and the field of view reduces (camera zooms) to keep the airplane visible.
  • This FAQ outlines how to use a wider field of view with autozoom (different from the default F1 primary camera field of view of 32 deg). Some other simulators default to a wider angle at startup (wider than 32 deg), and this behavior can be matched in FS One.
  • The example here shows how to modify the first F3 camera to increase the field of view in a panorama. The camera file used for panoramas is here:

    C:\Program Files\FS One\Cameras\Pano\cameras.txt

  • Open the cameras.txt file. The cameras assigned to the F3 key follow the label “[F3]” shown in the first image below. The autozoom information is highlighted. To change the default autozoom field of view (FOV) to 40 deg, comment out the original lines using a semicolon (they will then be ignored) and add the new lines as shown in the second image (note the “40” highlighted).Image of sample section of cameras.txt file
    Image of sample section of cameras.txt file -- Field of View setting
  • Install the new camera zoom table indicated in the edits. Download the zoom zip file ( Unzip and put the contents in the Cameras/Pano directory here: C:\Program Files\FS One\Cameras\Pano
  • Start FS One, and pick a panorama. Pressing the F3 key will use the first F3 camera which now uses the new field of view table that defaults to a 40-deg wide-angle view.
  • The zip file includes new field of view tables for 30 deg to 60 deg in 2-deg increments. Changing the “40” above to correspond with any of the new tables will use that new field of view, e.g. “60” will set the field of view to 60 deg. (The tables allow these fields of view to work: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 deg.)
  • A new camera can be added to the F3-key group by copying the block of data that defines the first F3 camera (see again image above). There is no limit on the number of cameras that can be assigned to a key. Adding a new block of camera data will add that to the list when cycling through the F3 cameras.
  • New cameras can be added to the F3 and F4 keys for pano fields, and F3 through F12 for 3D fields (e.g. Frasca field).
  • To add new field of view autozoom cameras for use with 3D fields, edit the camera txt file here:

    C:\Program Files\FS One\Cameras\3D\camera.txt

    Then copy the same table files to this folder

    C:\Program Files\FS One\Cameras\3D

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