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Advanced Users: I’d like to reorder some of the other lists. How can I do that?

Versions: V1 and V2

  • In the selection windows in FS One, the airplanes, helis, transmitters, flying sites, etc are ordered by list files in the installation. The lists files are given below.
  • First, make a backup copy of the original files before making changes.
  • Airplane and Helis lists were discussed here: click
  • Transmitters are located in these files: C:\Program Files\FS One\RadioEquip\Lists_Airplanes.txt

    C:\Program Files\FS One\RadioEquip\Lists_Helis.txt

  • Flying sites and skyscapes are located in these files: C:\Program Files\FS One\Fields3DLists.cfg

    C:\Program Files\FS One\Fields\Pano\Lists.cfg

    C:\Program Files\FS One\SkiesList.txt

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