Too real to be a game!™ 

Advanced Users: I’d like to reorder the airplane/heli lists to put my favorites at the top.

Versions: V1 and V2

  • The order of the airplanes in the Aircraft Selection window is determined by the order of the names in the file:
    C:\Program Files\FS One\Aircraft\FixedWing\Lists.cfg


    C:\Program Files\FS One v2\Aircraft\FixedWing\Lists.cfg

  • You can re-order the airplanes by moving the airplane names around in this file. You can also add new categories (see the file for syntax). In this file, keep the first category “[All Airplanes]” as the first category name, but you can put any airplane in this list. The file for heli’s is in the RotaryWing folder.
  • Make a backup copy of the original files before making changes.
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