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How can I zoom in and out? How can I move in and out relative to the aircraft?

Versions: V1 and V2

  • Press the F1 key. Press the ‘A’ key to turn off autozoom. Now press ‘Z/X’ to zoom in and out manually. The default field of view in FS One is around 30 deg. Many of the other simulators available use a wider angle as the default. A wider angle can be achieved by pressing ‘X’ to zoom out after pressing ‘A’ to get into autozoom.
  • When in manual zoom mode (AutoZoom Off), pressing ‘D’ will set the field of view to the default value for the camera.
  • Not all cameras support autozoom and/or manual zoom.
  • Some cameras support moving to and from the airplane using the ‘B/N’ keys, e.g. these are supported with the F6 cameras.
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