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When I fly overhead I lose orientation. How can I keep the horizon in view (more)?

Versions: V1 and V2

  • Go to Options->General and change your Primary and Secondary views. These are the views that are used with the F1 (primary) and F2 (secondary) keys. You can change these to suit your preferred “default” views. The simulator always starts in the F1 view.
  • There are “perfect” and “lagged” tracking types as well as autozoom and shifted modifiers.
  • Lagged views have a slight lag in their pointing and tend to follow a bit behind the aircraft, while perfect views have no lag in the pointing.
  • Autozoom automatically zooms in on the aircraft as it flies away, while the “shifted” modifier shifts the view vertically to keep more of the horizon in the view. These are the “Shifted Elevation Views”, and the sim installs with F2 including this view.
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