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I want to bypass the flight modes and mixes in FS One, and instead use my own computer radio (for experts).

Version: V2

This FAQ assumes that you know how to program your own transmitter for the flight modes, mixes, expos, dual rates, channel assignments, etc – you know everything about your transmitter.

The first step is to pick a FS One transmitter setup that bypasses all mixes, etc in FS One. If you are running version 2.0.9 or higher, from the list of transmitters, click on the dropdown menu and pick “FS One v2 Others”. Then click on the “Universal Tx/ Basic 8-Ch” at the bottom of list and make a copy. If you are running an older version, this Tx is in the main list.

This “Basic 8-Ch” Tx has no “computer radio” programming, so you must now program your transmitter to control the aircraft in the FS One.

After you make a copy of the “Basic 8-Ch” Tx in sim, you will then need to set the axes to get the channels on your real Tx driving the servos you want in the sim. Click to edit the Tx in sim, and use the left most ‘axis’ buttons to assign your Tx channels to the servos. As you work through this step, slide to the far right (or collapse the panes) to see the servos move.

At this point, use the programming in your real transmitter for flight modes, mixes, etc. As you edit, it will he helpful to click on “Show A/C” to show the aircraft while you are making axes assignments in the simulator and doing the programming on own your transmitter.

Note that the last channel (Axis 0) in the “Source” list (left) is used by FS One for reset and instant up, so it should not be connected to a servo for some control. Also, note that the “Hw” box is checked to indicate that this last channel (Axis 0) is “hardware disabled”, i.e. it does not drive any servos.

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