Too real to be a game!™ 

How does the map overlay work?

Version: V1 and V2

  • The map overlay is turned on with the ‘m’ key. Pressing it repeatedly
    cycles through the three types of maps. Each of the three maps contains
    these things:

    • Runway outline (magenta)
    • Aircraft (red)
    • View Vector/Arrow (blue)
  • The first map (1st time ‘m’ is pressed), is the “Runway-Aligned” map. In this one the runway is frozen. The red aircraft icon moves around as the aircraft flies. The blue arrow points in the direction of the pilots’ head.
  • The second map (2nd time ‘m’ is pressed) is the “View-Aligned” map. Now the blue arrow is pointed straight ahead (frozen on the map). Again, this blue arrow is the direction that the pilot is looking. Now the aircraft and runway move around relative to the blue arrow.
  • The third map (3rd time ‘m’ is pressed) is the “Aircraft-Centered” map. Now the red aircraft icon is pointed straight ahead (frozen on the map). This red icon is the orientation of the aircraft. Now the pilots’ view and runway move relative to the red aircraft.
  • Pressing ‘m’ for the 4th time will then toggle off the map-cycle.
  • Pressing ‘p’ key with any map will pause the sim and help in understanding how they work as described above.
  • The first map is useful when the pilot is standing fixed on the ground (default F1 view key).
  • When flying with the aircraft (moving along with the aircraft in a 3D site), then the “Aircraft-Centered” map will be most useful. It will show where the runway (magenta) is relative to the aircraft (red). The blue arrow will still show the view direction of the pilot.
  • The “View-Aligned” map when flying with the aircraft might be more intuitive because it will indicate the orientation of the aircraft relative to the view and also the orientation/location of the runway relative to the view.
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