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How do I use my Spektrum Wireless interface with FS One V1?

Version: V1

1. The proper way to connect your Spektrum wireless interface is:

Plug in the USB interface to the computer

Press and hold the bind button on the Spektrum wireless interface.

Attach the Spektrum wireless interface to the FS One USB Interface.

The light on the Spektrum wireless interface will begin to flash, release the bind button on the Spektrum wireless interface.

Press and hold the bind button on the back of the transmitter and turn the transmitter power on, once the transmitter is in bind mode (light flashing on the back of the transmitter) release the bind button. The lights on both the transmitter and the Spektrum wireless interface stop blinking when the binding process is complete.

DX5e – For the Spektrum DX5e DSM, the instructions are: “Pull and hold the trainer switch on the top of the transmitter while turning on the power switch. Release the trainer switch once the LEDs on the front of the transmitter flash, and a series of tones are heard. Within a few seconds the system should connect. Once connected the LED on the receiver will go solid indicating the system is connected.”

The transmitter is now bound to the Spektrum adapter.

Some Spektrum systems fail to bind. We could not get the DX6i DSM2 to bind.

2. To set up the transmitter within FS One:

Start FS One

Go to single player Freestyle

Select Transmitter

Within Edit Transmitter go to the drop down menu (the menu with the little arrow pointing down) in the upper right hand corner of the screen and select JR 8-Ch Emu + FS One.

Use the scroller bar to select the MiG 15 and press OK

Note: If you are using your own transmitter on a regular basis, it is suggested that you to go to options and uncheck the option “Auto-Load Radio/Controller”. Normally, in FS One, the default controller is automatically selected every time you select a different aircraft. If you uncheck this option, you will have to select the transmitter manually, so you can just leave it on the Spektrum transmitter instead of re-selecting a transmitter every time you change aircraft.

WL1000 FS One Wireless Sim Interface (SPM1800):



Image of Spektrum Wireless WL1000

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