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The controller slider bars do not move within transmitter calibration.

Version: V1

The first step you want to perform is check all of your connections to make sure that they are and securely fastened including: the USB computer connection, the Controller to the FS One USB interface any other adapters and/or cables that you may be using. Assuming these are all fastened securely, run FS One, and click on Select Interface from a “Fly” window and confirm that the “Hangar9 FS One v1” USB interface is appearing and, if you have more than one controller or USB interface you have the correct one selected. If the interface or controller is not appearing in the USB Interface Selection, close and reopen FS One to make sure that it is recognizing the FS One USB Interface. If this does not work, your controller may not be recognized by Windows. Within Windows, go to Control panel and then to the Game Controllers (XP/Vista) or Gaming Options (2000) and make sure that you have a “Hangar9 FS One v1” Controller listed along with any additional controllers. Select the controller you are using and push the properties button within the Game Controllers/Gaming Options window. Move some of the controls around on the controller, you should see the directional positions change within the window. If you do not, try calibrating the controller within Windows to see if the controller is functioning, click here.

After confirming that the controller is functioning and ensuring that you have selected the correct interface in FS One, you must calibrate the controller again within FS One because FS One ignores any Windows system-level calibration information.

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