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How can I change the control surface throws and adjust the rates and expos?

Version: V1 and V2

  • In FS One the aircraft and transmitters are separate and must be modified in separate steps just like in real.
  • Throws (modify the airplane): To change the control surface throws on an airplane, first in the Aircraft Selection window make a copy of the airplane and give it a name. Then click on Edit, and then click on Aerodynamics. Use the scroll bar to slide down to the Joystick section (yellow text). Click on the text for the surface that you want to change, e.g. “ElevRK” for the right elevator. A description of the item will then appear below along with the Current and New box. Enter the New value and click Apply. Click OK on the window to move back and fly the airplane with the new changes.
  • Rates and Expos (modify the transmitter): To change the transmitter, from the fly window click on the transmitter and then make a copy of the transmitter. Click Edit to enter the Transmitter Editor. Use your transmitter switch (such as the the TacCon 3-position switch) or Flight Mode Keys to set the Flight Mode that you want to change. The name of the flight mode will be displayed in the Transmitter Editor text box. Then, in the green section of the Transmitter Editor are all the values for dual rates and expos for that flight mode. Clicking on the items pulls up a box to enter the new values. As the edits are being made, the aircraft can be displayed at the same time by clicking on Show A/C. Click OK when finished.
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