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Gallery – Aircraft, Flying Sites and Skyscapes

All images in the gallery below are taken from inside FS One V2.


Pick up your transmitter, start FS One, and you’ll feel like you’re at the flying field. Fly them all – trainers, warbirds, aerobatics, sport planes, electrics, sailplanes, jets, ducted-fans and foamies with world-class aircraft graphics, many based on actual CAD models, 3-view drawings and photo realistic textures. It’s accuracy where you need it – where your eye is focused when you fly. They not only look great standing still in the screen shots below, but all parts come alive when you fly. Control surfaces move in concert with your controls. Then more realism takes over – landing gear flexes, wheels spin, wings bend under load, propellers spin up, control surfaces flutter in the propeller wakes, parts break off in hard landings and high g-loads in flight, engines make real engine sounds, and you hear the swoosh of air over the airframe. You’re flying like real, except risk free and anytime 24×7 rain or shine.

In addition to the stock aircraft in FS One, many are modified and scaled to popular sizes offered by major brands, and some are resized to extremes. Fly variants from a 3-in span Aerobird all the way up to full-size “RC” airplanes like the Pawnee and many others – 100% scale! The Scaling Wizard™ and FS One physics are powerful enough to cover them all. With the stock airplanes and their variants below, there are over 130 airplanes to choose from when you install FS One V2 and the free updates.

Use the FS One Scaling Wizard and airplane editor to create any number of your own variants in seconds – no other simulator comes close.


Learn to fly helicopters with FS One starting with the E-flite Blade coaxial (CX) helis with and without trainer gear, then the micro Blade CP and CP Pro and on up, including the jet-powered JetCopter SX and the TRex 450SA by Align. All rotor parts move and parts break off in hard landings.

3D Flying Sites

360° movies require Apple’s Quicktime Player. Movies will open in a new window.

3D flying sites in FS One let you take off and fly around inside 3D worlds. View your aircraft from any angle. Use airborne first person views (FPV) on your airplane, padlock views between you and other aircraft, lagged chase views that follow along like a silky smooth heli cam or any of the other views – over 60 different preset camera views plus unique field views depending on the site. Customize your views with keyboard controls to zoom in/out, mouse controls to pan around and more.

3D sites include RC fields with paved runways, Frasca Airport with a 4000-ft long runway, mountainous terrain and one perfect flying field with nothing but a long smooth runway and open field – no obstacles to get in the way when learning to fly or when screeching along nap-of-the-earth-style with 200+ mph jets! For extra realism, actual aerial photography is used for some sites. Match any 3D flying site with any of 40 photo-panoramic skies to create 240 unique environments. All 360° movies below are from screen shots inside FS One.

Skyscapes for 3D Sites

360° movies require Apple’s Quicktime Player. Movies will open in a new window.

Great options in flying sites isn’t just about the number of flying sites. It’s about the skies too! And in FS One you’ll see 40 high-detail, stunning, photo-realistic skies to use with any of the 3D flying sites. Pick any one to suit your mood – great skies with cumulus clouds, cumulonimbus, cirrus, mixed clouds, cloud streets, stratus clouds, storm clouds including a rainbow, and another with a hurricane approaching.

If you’re flying outdoors, most of the time there’s a sky backdrop behind your aircraft – large clouds overhead and smaller ones down on the horizon. Size, color, contrast, and shape of the clouds are all important cues for proper orientation in a simulator and at the field! With each one in FS One, you get noise free skies for perfectly smooth zooming and panning – no granular colored backgrounds. Each one also includes the proper sun position, and with 40 they cover a range of times, including sunsets and strong midday “sun-stars” with lens flare effects.

Panorama Flying Sites

360° movies require Apple’s Quicktime Player. Movies will open in a new window.

Picture perfect in 360! Fly in over 25 photo-realistic panoramic flying sites and expansive CG (computer-generated) landscapes. Pick from RC flying fields, airports, indoor sites, country sites, and more. Use FS One’s cinematic lagged views and shifted elevation views with autozoom to fly from the center of any panorama.

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