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FS One V2.1.4 Update (was beta)

Try our new FS One V2.1.4 Update to check out our latest updates, features, and bug fixes. Please send us your feedback.

Requires: FS One V2
Latest Update: 2.7.1(build 2857)

Released: August 16, 2014

download 2.1.4 (r1961)

Highlights for this update:

  • This update includes all V2 updates along with:
    • Hangar 9 Spitfire
    • Focke-Wulf FW 190
    • Xtreme Machines Sbach 342
    • SIG Four-Star 60
    • Hangar 9 Cap 232G
    • Hangar 9 Extra 260
    • BD-5J
    • plus many variants.
  • Bundled extras:
    • Sbach 342 SCAS, electric powered, 5 variants (4 with SCAS, 1 without)
    • New NMPRA Electric Formula One (EF1) pylon racing course
    • All pylon course layouts improved
  • New features:
    • Many more hi-start towlines (various lengths and strengths, including Gorilla and Insane)
    • Recording playback includes rotating wheels and landing gear flex
    • Pylon cut conforms to AMA rules; map display improved
    • Brakes of tail-dragger 33% scale Spitfire activated by up elevator
  • New displays:
    • More inset cameras for 3D fields
    • Tension of hi-start and winch line
    • Camera name (‘;’ key)
    • Pylon race map view shows half-plane beyond next pylon (‘m’ key)
  • Visual refinements:
    • Smoother padlock views
    • Pano images touched up
    • Improved smoke for Bobcat jets
    • Quieter crash sounds for Extra 260 EFL
    • Aircraft receiver antenna removed from graphics
  • Performance optimizations:
    • Faster OpenGL frame rate (shadows, smoke, sparks, etc.)
    • Faster collision detection
    • Faster recording speed
    • Faster loading of recordings
  • Aerodynamics and physics refinements:
    • Improved drag calculation, considering Reynolds number effects
    • More precise hand launch, using a javelin-throw launch profile
    • Faster and more accurate bomb and bottle-rocket physics
    • More precise calculation of apparent mass
    • Faster throttle response on Extra 260
    • More accurate gear flex on full-scale Ultimate TOC biplane
  • User interface improvements:
    • Suppressed HUD’s G-load during hand launch, hi-start pullback, and winch pullback
    • Removed limiters on alpha and beta measurement from HUD
    • Improved HUD data management/display and FPS
    • Clarified inset camera names (e.g. “North View” is now “View Facing South”)
    • More readable towlines options page and selections
    • More readable colors, fonts, and text for pylon race statistics
    • Camera names changed to green (first camera) and white (later ones)
    • Increased resolution of aircraft’s path trace in map view (‘m’ key)
    • Upgraded prompt for version update to FS One user interface style
    • “USB Interface” heading added to indicate selected USB interface
  • Bug fixes:
    • Smoother F5 camera view for 3D fields
    • Fixed texture glitch on house
    • F8 bird’s eye view reoriented so north is up (for some aircraft, e.g. SBach)
    • Spinner now breaks off for crashing UltraStickLite
    • Smoke disabled for electric aircraft
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