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FS One V2.7.1 Update

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Includes the latest updates, features, and bug fixes. This update can be installed at any time on top of any previous V2 installation. It includes all previous V2 updates. These updates are not compatible with V1.

Release notes

Version: 2.7.1(build 2857)

Button for download 2.7.1 (build 2857)

Requires: FS One V2
Released: April 2, 2021
Quick Start Guide 2021 (pdf download)
Keymap 2021 (pdf download)
Setup tips for new users

FS One V2 – 2048 Firmware Update

This firmware update includes support for 2048 resolution for your FS One V2 USB Interface. The new 2048 resolution sets the new standard for RC flight simulation. To upgrade to FS One 2048 resolution, update your firmware. Note that after updating your USB to 2048 resolution/firmware, you must install the update to the current version: 2.7.1 (build 2857).

Learn more about 2048 resolution

FS One V1 – Updates

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Updates for the original FS One version 1 from yr 2006 can still be downloaded here. FS One version 1 can be updated to version 1.1. The FS One version 2 updates will not work with FS One version 1 or 1.1.

Update Instructions

These updates should be installed to bring the original FS One version 1 from Horizon (at right) to its final Version 1.1. Start with a clean installation of FS One from the original disc set and then follow these steps.

  1. Install the FS One V1.0.9 Update or if you have FS One Hangar Pack 1 install it instead. After the installation has finished, then start FS One to complete the installation in FS One. When FS One runs, the version number on the main screen should read V1.0.9. Exit FS One and go to Step 2.
  2. Install the FS One Heli Performance Update for V1. After the installation has finished, start
    FS One to continue with the installation, then exit FS One. The Heli Performance Update will only be fully functional after continuing with Step 3.
  3. Install the FS One Update V1.1 and start FS One. After installing this update, the version number at the bottom of the Main Menu should read Version 1.1.

To verify the three-step installation, you should see a new category “Original Versions” in the list of helicopter category selections. You will also see many new training lessons for helicopters.

If you install Hangar Pack 1 after updating to V1.1, reinstall the V1.1 Update.

This update process is for FS One V1 only. It does not apply to FS One Solo. Also if you are using Windows Vista, turn off the UAC before applying these updates, and see the Vista Installation Guide for more details.

Please note that Horizon Hobby, distributor of the original FS One V1, is the provider of Customer Support for FS One V1 and these updates. Please contact Horizon Hobby for Customer Support.

Step 1: FS One V1.0.9 Update

Description: After installing this update, it is recommended that you install the Heli Performance Update for V1 (Step 2) and then Update V1.1 (Step 3).

Button for download FS One Patch 1.0.9

Step 2: FS One Heli Performance Update for V1

Description: This download updates most of the original helicopter models and improves the flight performance and realism. It is not fully functional until completing the installation of V1.1 (Step 3).

Button for download FS One V1 Heli Update

Step 3: FS One Update V1.1

Description: This final update to the original FS One version 1 combines all previous updates and includes over 100 minutes of helicopter training in over 40 lessons. After this update, FS One will run as version 1.1. If you install Hangar Pack 1 after updating to V1.1, reinstall the V1.1 Update.

Button for download FS One Patch 1.1.0

A copy of the original FS One V1 keymap is here.
A copy of the original FS One V1 install card is here.
Version 2 includes a new updated keymap.

Update History for FS One V1

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