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FS One V1 – Changelog

Changes for Version 1.1:

1) Adds over 100 minutes of training material and over 40 lessons for helis.

2) Moved the example transmitter location from the center to left of center. This reduces the chance that the transmitter will obscure the view of the aircraft, especially when on the ground.

3) Reduced engine sounds when viewing lessons, making it easier to hear the instructor’s voice.

4) Corrected the Physics Menu problems.

5) Improved support for Mode 1 TacCon units.

6) Added a “User Transmitter” category for fixed-wing radios.

7) This version includes all previous updates, plus the heli performance update.

Heli Performance Update for v1:

This heli performance update improves the flight performance and realism of the heli models. Flight mode switches are reconfigured to match most heli transmitters with the flight mode switch on the left and the throttle hold switch on the right. Pre-existing heli models are retained in a new folder for access unmodified by the performance upgrade.

Changes for Version 1.0.9:

1) Corrected problem with helis encountering excessive yaw during startup, especially when starting while in stunt (or idle up) mode. For this fix to work properly, the “heli update” should be applied prior to applying the 1_0_9 update. If the update is applied prior to the heli update, simply reinstall the 1_0_9 update after installing the heli update.

2) Corrected undefined region for three position switch for heli TacCon controllers that were deployed with the heli performance update.

3) Improved update functionality to prevent duplicate list entries when repeatedly performing updates. This will eliminate multiple entries in the selection lists/categories.

4) Modified heli start positions to be closer to the pilot location. Heli start positions are now based on the size/class of the heli. For example, smaller helis are located closer than larger helis.

5) Modified heli start positions to allow three start attitudes/directions — pointed away, pointed left, and pointed right. The position can be set via the Options Menu.

6) Added heli landing targets. These landing targets can be turned on/off via the Options Menu. These targets are handy for learning to fly helis and for general practice of precision hovers. All flying sites do not support targets — for example, sites that are not flat near the pilot location do not support targets.

7) Modified calibration procedures for some TacCon controllers. This makes TacCon controllers after the Heli Update have the same calibration behavior as other heli and airplane TacCons.

8) Clarified calibration instructions for TacCon controllers. This should help users ensure that they click the InstantUp™ button for a proper and complete calibration.

9) Corrected the “Example Transmitter” to show proper axes when used with a heli.

10) Added “Flight Manual” link to the Aircraft Selection Menu and removed the Flight Manual link from the main menu.

11) Fixed minor P-factor bug in Edge 540 and J3 Cub aircraft aerodynamics.

12) Increased Edge 540 landing gear side force coefficient to make the gear have more grip when skidding sideways.

Changes for Version 1.0.8:

1) This version was deployed with Hangar Pack 1.

Changes for Version 1.0.7:

1) For hi-start and hand-launch starts, throwing angle was changed from 30 deg up/down to 90 deg up/down.

2) Fixed hand-launch glider throw direction bug.

3) Set all padlock cameras (F9/F10 keys) to have autozoom turned off initially. For these cameras, autozoom can be turned on with the ‘a’ key. Added two extra Reverse Padlock cameras to the F10 key.

4) Scaled airplanes, made using the Scaling Wizard™, now also scale camera distances proportionately. This change only applies to cameras enabled at 3D fields, e.g. cameras F5 and higher.

5) When using hi-start or winch, the u-key for InstantUp now resets the aircraft at its current position.

6) Corrected a typo in the mixing GUI.

7) Improved warning to users when using 16-bit color mode. (32-bit color mode is required for FS One).

8) Added the ability to properly detect the Windows Vista operating system.

9) Added an Update folder and related software to support easy updates of aircraft, radios, and pilot figures.

10) Added the ability to provide individual flight manual supplements for aircraft

11) Improved/updated the Help file.

12) Added (R) to logos — FS One is now a registered trademark.

Changes for Version 1.0.6:

1) Fixed sound problem for various types of sound cards. This fix involved working around incorrect capabilities data reported by the sound driver.

2) Corrected ParkZone SloV 11×3.7 prop data.

3) Corrected Circleville Stock Pavilion sun position.

4) Corrected ScaledUltimateTOC-FullScale information.

Changes for Version 1.0.5:

1) Disabled screensaver and power management while sim is running. This will prevent the screensaver from turning on while FS one is active.

2) Modified Alpha 40 exhaust direction.

3) Updated some heli JR 6-Ch Emu transmitter files. The “JR 6-Ch Emu + FS One” Tx group has been changed so that Flight Modes now depend on the Tx channel assignments (like airplanes) and not the joystick axes assignments (Axis numbers). This simplifies things by removing a step when making a copy and editing the Tx in the Tx editor.
The following files were affected:







4) Changed wind behavior to allow wind speed and direction changes, even if the wind speed is zero.

5) Corrected the discrepancy between the map display and the wind widget.

6) Added “Help” and “Flight Manual” links to Main Menu.

7) Added an automatic ability to determine if the “options file” is missing or corrupt, and if it is, automatically utilize the default options file.

8) Added a new logbook interface. This provides a nice way to review the total flight time for each aircraft.

9) Corrected a two player radio edit problem that caused problems when editing the “player 2” radio. Previously, if you edited a transmitter in the second position, it edited the transmitter in the first position. This now functions properly.

Changes for Version 1.0.4:

1) Corrected inertia tensor data scaling problem.

2) Modified the default_options.txt file to change default views (lagged views).

3) Added trademarks section to credits.

4) Expanded limits for max/min from -1.5/+1.5 to -2.0/+2.0 in Edit Transmitter menu.

5) Expanded limits for non-exponential percentages from -150/+150 to -200/+200 in Edit Transmitter menu.

6) Modified aircraft and transmitter name comparison to be case insensitive.

7) Added numbers to axis displays of Tx Selection menu (and ghosted-out inactive channels/axes).

8) Added numbers to axis displays of Tx calibration menu (and ghosted-out inactive channels/axes).

9) Added highlighting to the active axis during calibration.

10) Added the ability to edit the Tx Description and 3-part name in Edit Tx menu.

11) Corrected problem where some controllers could not fully complete the calibration sequence.

12) Fixed problem in Edit Transmitter menu when the Source input axis was adjusted.

13) Extended the Input Type drop-down list in the Select Channel Input dialog within the Edit Transmitter menu.

14) Fixed slider display problem when using joystick button input in the Select Channel Input dialog within the Edit Transmitter menu.

15) Corrected typo in Ultra Stick Lite (200 inch scaled version) description.

16) Corrected typo in Edge 540 less expo Tx (name change).

17) Corrected Saito 100 airplane engine file in airplane editor.

18) Changed behavior of airplane hover damping weight parameter (2).

Changes for Version 1.0.3:

1) Corrected CG limit adjustment problem that prevented a negative cg location.

Changes for Version 1.0.2:

1) Corrected calibration problem that prevented a recalibration after the initial calibration was performed.

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