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FS One is developed by InertiaSoft which is a small privately held company located in the heart of the midwest near Champaign, Illinois. Since being founded in 2003, InertiaSoft has concentrated on the development of FS One and its underlying core flight simulation technologies.

By combining hyper-realistic aerodynamics, high-fidelity physics, and state-of-the-art graphics, InertiaSoft has brought a new level of realism to RC flight simulation relying on modern methods in aerospace engineering.

Our approach emphasizes advanced aeronautical engineering concepts and techniques that are absolutely key to modeling and simulation of accurate flight dynamics, especially in aerobatic and extreme maneuvers.

Too real to be a game!™ is our focus and our commitment to you.

Thank you for your support! Also thanks to all of our modelers! – Terry Casper, Rick Deltenre, Steve Eisenmann, Jim Hawkins, Dennis Huh, Daniel Fuesz, Matthew Fuesz, Rory Jones, Adam Jostes, Daniel ‘Nate’ Lane, Karel Marciniszyn, Seth Munds, Ryan Rocha, David Sheppard, Matthew Wilson, and the W3 Group.

FS One® is a registered trademark of InertiaSoft, Inc.

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InertiaSoft, Inc.
PO Box 3603
Champaign, IL 61826

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+1 (415) 417-AERO (email is preferred)
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